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Dear Friend,

Check this out. If youʼve ever searched for the kick-ass true information that you know is out there – the secrets that really show you how to get what you want and be the way you want to be, this may be the most important thing youʼve ever read, because

These Secrets Are So Easy To Do,
it almost looks Unfair!

In all of my years as a trainer, Iʼve never seen a more urgent need for “real-world how-to.”

Just look around you! Notice how itʼs getting out there these days? The times they-are-a-changing, arenʼt they?

And, the self-improvement and law-of-attraction “market” (if you want to call it that) is chock-full of esoteric feely-goody stuff, big egos and McDojo fluff. Some of it has good information that can be useful, but where is the bottom-line “how-to” that people really need to kick ass, overcome obstacles and be the way they want to be?

With that question in mind, I created my most definitive and powerful course to date. The goal was to

Simplify the Magical and Make it Easy for You to Do!

We achieved that goal with flying colors. We achieved that goal so frigginʼ awesome, itʼs like mind-power on steroids!

If you think Iʼm kidding, or if think this is hype, you are sadly mistaken. Go enjoy your fearful dark cave and savor your life of militant mediocrity.

On the other hand, if you know a good thing when you see it, and recognize the truth when you hear it, youʼre about to discover knowledge and secrets that will inform, inspire, motivate and empower you for years to come.

Now Letʼs talk about what UNFAIR really means!

Doesnʼt it seem “unfair” when someone is winning in life, getting what they want, and they make it look easy?

Hey, you know itʼs true.

The thing is – theyʼre not cheating or playing the game of life unfairly. They just know things that you donʼt know. In fact, they might not even know that they know it! They just do what they do without thinking about it. So it looks unfair!

And they do it easily.

If you want the same ease of life, you need to know how. Better yet, when you know how to do these things – you have a huge advantage over the rest of the population!

And it IS unfair if you are at a disadvantage by not knowing these skills!

Thatʼs why honor is vitally important. If youʼre out to screw people over, you are forbidden to buy these materials. They are for warriors of heart, mind, body and soul who will use this information to make their lives better and help others.

When you discover these Secrets, you may be laughing at how easy and awesome it feels when life becomes your personal playground!

I should warn you right now: friends will get jealous. Theyʼll accuse you of being “unfair.” Jealous folks get uncomfortable when people around them succeed. Youʼll find out who your real friends are.

So listen up. Like many of our huge list of satisfied clients, you may be raving about this for years to come and absolutely loving it, because hereʼs what YOU GET in these All-New Dynamic 10 DVDS and 10 CDs:



Opulent Warrior Secrets of Exercise, Ninja Body Training, and Martial Power! Includes dynamic info on how to Lose weight and get fighting fit!

[Note: This is not medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet program]

“Also tells the truth about modern methods that want to turn you into weak sheep”


DVD & CD #2 WARRIOR MIND (Shadow Warrior):

Psychic Skills, Mental Attack, Unstoppable Influence and the Indomitable Spirit! And most importantly…

“How To Protect Your Mind Castle, and even weaken your opponent from far away!”



“What to say – how to say it – and when to say it!
Body Language, Magnetic Attraction, Magical Unfair Secrets!”



“The 12 Secrets of making boatloads of cash with info-product and working for yourself
(you are not a slave or a “hireling” and you are NOT TRAPPED)
– Get This Knowledge Today!”



“The Enlightened Warriors and Ninja view on Spirituality!
No more Box-thinking!”



The most devastating and violent attackstopping tactics ever!

“How to stop multiple attackers, armed attackers, lethal force and more!
An academic review of some of the most brutal “how-to” ever offered!”



“How to secure your home for safety, privacy and peace-of-mind on a small budget. How to pick the best place and most tactically optimal place to live! And, most importantly, How To Guard Your Home and Family from Evil Influence, pop-culture logic and confusion.”

Winning Starts with Your Environment!

Write that one down, my friend. Winning starts with YOUR Environment. That means your Internal Environment – your mind, thoughts and body, and your External environment – the home you live in.

This DVD will be like a light-switch going on for the first time!



Dating is designed to keep you stuck like a rat in a maze, wasting money and time and being unfulfilled.

“How about using the Awesome Jedi powers of the Ninja
and the Ways of Energy to have perfect and blissful relationships,
without all the games and BS!”

Youʼll find it here, step-by-step how-to for any situation.



“How to raise a family safe from the influences of evil and stupidity
Never before have both been offered! How to bring peace, order and happiness
into any home and set your family and loved ones up
to win and leave a lasting legacy!”

Broken families are the norm now. Over half of all marriages fail. These all-new DVDs tell you why and show you how to prevent it. This is such vitally important information that, frankly, youʼd be crazy not to get it!



Fact: You live in an Orwellian society.

Fact: Mind control is used daily in politics, media and schools.

“How can you recognize and survive this, while maintaining your personal
standards and prospering under constant regime change
and social engineering?”

Find out exactly how on THIS DVD!


Listen up friend, these 10 DVDs and 10 CDs are chock-full of the most priceless info you may EVER find.

We’ll easily charge 599.00 bucks for this course and sell it by the boatload to smart folks all over the world who love higher knowledge, but Iʼve decided to make this a HUGE Savings for you!

“You get The UNFAIR SECRETS Course Now Now, and Personal Weakness, Baggage and Limiting Beliefs can go Bye-bye!”

Then you Create Yourself Anew.

Make sense?

To any honest person, it makes absolute sense.

I could write another 27 pages that outline just some of the info in this course. But instead, go ahead and try it for yourself. Fair Enough?

Iʼm not pulling any punches here, this is the most thorough and kick-ass self-empowerment course you can find anywhere!

In this time, in this economy, in this day and age, information like this has never been more important than RIGHT NOW.

If you want to Win, and then Keep On Winning, no matter what, this is the info you need that shows you how to Power Up and do so.

All Iʼm asking is that you give it a try for yourself. Is that fair?

Order now, and welcome to the Opulent Warrior life!